1. The event starts at 7am at TACAPS (corner of Campbell and Dudley St) however we will have a ceremony to honour the 25th Battalion, commencing from approx. 6:40am. Please give yourself plenty to park and get onto the oval prior to the ceremony. If you have not picked up your race pack on Saturday, then give yourself more time on Sunday to line up at registration to obtain the gear. Registration desk will open at 5:30am on Sunday and from 2-5pm on Saturday.

2. There are no timing mats so your time will start at the gun. You will move down Dudley street (decline) and onto Bridge St. You will then move off to your left (north) to enter Jubilee Park. The Jubilee Park checkpoint (1) is approx. 4.5 km (water, Tailwind and toilets available). PLEASE BE AWARE OF MOUNTAIN BIKERS AND EMERGENCY VEHICLES. You will turn around and head back on the same course for your return to the Bridge St cross over point (where you entered the track). There will be another checkpoint (2) at cross over on Bridge Street (water, Tailwind and toilets available). You will then enter Redwood Park (across the road and onto the southern side). The Redwood Park checkpoint (3) is approx. 3 km (water, Tailwind and toilets available). Note that you will be returning on a different path on Redwood (so not turning around). If you are completing the 15km event, you will return to the start when you exit Redwood (no need to stop at checkpoint). If you are doing the 30 km, you will need to check into the cross over checkpoint on Bridge Street before heading back down Jubilee and doing the course again.

3. Note that at checkpoints there will be 4 coloured boards – orange, black, blue and green – you will go to the coloured board that matches your event (the colour is on your bid). Have all of your team members together and state your name clearly. Make sure you understand this as it will make your processing through the checkpoint much quicker. If you need to withdraw a team member from the event at a checkpoint – please make sure that you notify the volunteers on the checkpoint so that they can cross your team member off and arrange for a lift back to the finish line. You cannot move through your checkpoint without all of your team members (unless they have been marked off the sheet as ‘withdrawn’).

4. At the event finish line, we have lots to see and do, food, drinks, ice baths, music etc so hang around and make yourselves comfortable.

5. The medal presentation ceremony will be between 1-2pm. Remember to be eligible to win a category, you must finish with all of the team members that you started with. (And school teams must have at least 4 children started and finished to be eligible).

6. Random prize draws will also be drawn between 1-2pm so remember to tear off your bib number and put in our bins (at the finish).

7. We will be awarding a Tailwind Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel Award so remember, it’s not who wins, it’s how you get there that counts.

8. Results will be posted on the website and Facebook page early next week.

1. Dress appropriately – good walking shoes and light clothing, hats, sunglasses. BE SUNSAFE AND WEAR SUNSCREEN.

2. A minimum of two ( 2 ) mobile phones per team, preferably on two different networks with one on the Telstra Network with the same phone numbers given to event organisers as registration details. Race officials may send out alert SMS messages or call in the case of an emergency to these numbers.

3. The ability to carry a minimum of 1 litre of water in bottles or hydration bladder. Water and Tailwind will be available at all checkpoints however cups will not be provided.

4. Your race number bib preferably worn on the front of your person.

5. Please put the following emergency contact numbers in your contacts list – 0490 524 560.


Depending on your assessment of the situation, in the event of an injury or emergency, the following procedures are recommended:

1. Depending on the situation make your way to the nearest checkpoint, which will have first aid and communication available.

2. Ring the emergency number provided to you. Be able to identify where you are so that support crew are able to get to you quickly.

3. Please give way to teams walking at a faster pace. The trail can get quite congested, particularly in the early stages of the event.

4. Prescription medication and pain killers will be your own responsibility. These cannot be issued by First Aid.

5. Control children so that they are not running in and around other competitors.

6. If you become LOST: stop, gather the team and attempt to establish your position from the last known location. We have adequate signage on the track so please be aware and follow these. Once you are sure you’ve found the correct path, continue on. Do not make the situation worse by continuing to travel if you are still unsure of your position. If required, call the emergency phone number and speak with race officials.

7. Bush Fire. Phone the event emergency number if you are between checkpoints and believe you are in danger, in order to advise or gather information. Follow event officials’ instructions and remain at a CP if advised to do so by officials. If trapped, call emergency services on 000 or 112 from a mobile. Find a safe position in water, away from trees (in clear ground), in low ground or dig a trench.