Course Map


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Jubilee Park Trail Section:

Continue along Jubilee Bridal Trail which as this point includes some parklands with houses off to your left.  At the junction of Jubilee Bridal Trail and Tristania Trail, take the track to the right and continue down Tristania Trail.

Continue along Tristania Trail until you get to the large clearing, continuing along Tristania as it descends.  Ignore the track junction off to the left signed Bridle Trail, Harvey St 500m as this is the return route.  Continue to the right along Tristania and under the high tension power lines.

Further down the hill ignore the Sandstone Ridge Trail on the right and stay to the fire road.  Continue down the main fire trail until you arrive at the bottom of the hill at Checkpoint 1 (J) which is situated in the picnic gazebo shelter.  There are toilets located at this checkpoint and water to refill bottles.

Return, retrace your steps up the main fire road and turn right into Crebra Trail.  Follow this trail as it loops back out to a junction of Crebra Trail and Tristania Trail.  Turn right under the high tension power lines and retrace the route back up the hill for 300m then turn right up to the hill marked with the sign “Bridle Trail Harvey St 500m’.

Continue up Jubilee Bridle Trail and through the steep section with a couple of switchbacks under the high tension power lines.  At this point which is just below Harvey St, the trail splits and then rejoins – keep to the right.  Note: the route then travels very close to Harvey St and at the end of Harvey St is a gazebo and a council drinking tap if you are short on water.

Continue south along Jubilee Bridle Trail as it winds along behind houses in a open parkland environment.  Ignore the number of road entrance gates on your right and stay to the main fire trail.  The trail comes to a close a the end of Woolridge St where it bends left and descends slightly to intersect with the outgoing course.  Turn right here and retrace the route back to Bridge St and cross over section.

Follow the directions of the traffic control personnel and cross Bridge Street and enter Redwood Park.

Redwood Park Trail Section – approx. 6km

Turn right off Bridge Street at the entry to Redwood Park and head south down a steep descent for 150m. At the bottom, turn right and head southwest along Redwood Bridle Trail.

Ignore the trail that branches off on the right at approximately the 800m point of the Redwood Bridal Trail.

Continue along Redwood Bridle Trail for a further 400m and take the Eagle Nest Trail on your left. Do not follow the Redwood Bridal Trail that deviates slightly off to the right.

Continue along Eagle Nest Trail for approximately 900m ignoring any trails going off on the left until meeting with the junction of Grass Tree Trail on the right. Continue straight on for approximately 90m and turn left to continue East on Grass Tree Trail for approximately 600m to arrive at the Picnic Ground and Checkpoint 3. Note that emergency vehicles can access Redwood from the Range. 

Leaving the picnic area cross Gatton Creek and head north up Redwood Forest Walk.

Ignore Ferntree Gully Walk Trail that branches off to the left and continues right up Redwood Forest

Walk and continue through the old Zoo fence at the gate. Continue following the trail until you come to the track that ascends steeply for 150m back up to the entrance of Redwood Park at Bridge Street.

For 15km participants turn right and return to the start area and for 30km participants turn left and repeat the course for a second lap.

2019 Milne Bay Military Challenge Course Map (printable map)