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Sweet Discount for Endurance Challenge Race

The Milne Bay Military Challenge is once again forecast to attract record crowds with half-price registrations now open until the end of October.  The event is setting off on Sunday, 28 April 2019.

Located in Toowoomba – ‘The Garden City’, the endurance challenge event will be held in the National Parks which participants can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Main Range and Lockyer Valley.

A challenging course for 2019 has been created for those wanting to set the best record, run with family members, uni friends or school friends, or just share some fun with friends or work colleagues.  The event includes 7km run/ walk, 15km run/ walk and a 50km run/ walk.

Trail runners and Walkers can get a 50% discount on entry fees now and until the end of October.

Register Now to take advantage of this sweet offer.

The half-price discount price closes 31 October 2018. Excludes University Teams and School Teams Registrations.


Course Instructions

Jubilee Park Section – Approx 9 km from TACAPS

Starting at Toowoomba Anglican College and Preparatory School cross the road and head down past Webb Park and turn right onto the footpath of Bridge Street. At the bottom, turn left and head north along Jubilee Park Trail.

Continue along Jubilee Bridal Trail which at this point includes some open parklands with houses off to your left. At the junction of Jubilee Bridal Trail and Tristania Trail take the track to the right and continue down Tristania Trail.

You will come to the top of the fire trail (approx. 3.2 km from the start line) and will take the right hand trail into Sandstone Ridge.  You will follow this trail east until you come to a fork which you will take left, continuing on Sandstone Ridge.  You will exit this trail back into the main Jubilee Fire Trail and head towards the bottom.  Note that there will be marshall positioned at this point.

Approx 170m from the bottom (at approx 4.85 km) you will reach a check point (check point 1).  There will be portaloos positioned at this point.

You will turn around at the check point and head directly back up the fire trail until you come to Sandstone Ridge Trail on your left (yes where you just came from).

NOTE: Beware of mountain bikes and emergency vehicles!!! Whilst the bikers won’t be on our track they will be competing on trails to the north of Jubilee Fire Trail (you will hear them).  For that reason, you should stay to the right of the track when heading down the Jubilee Fire Trail and to the left of the trail when returning.  Please give way to any vehicles on the track as they are in support of injured bikers/walkers so it is important they are allowed to get to them quickly.

Take the Sandstone Ridge Trail for approx. 500m until you reach a fork in the road.  At this point you will turn right onto the Jubilee Park trail and continue to follow this Trail until you reach the main fire trail (you will see the telephone poles).  You will turn left onto the main fire trail and continue along this trail, retracing your steps, until you reach the top of Jubilee Park (checkpoint 2).  There will be a medic at check point 2 however she will be available to roam whatever parts of the track that are needed.  In an emergency a vehicle can access competitors from Harvey St entrance to Jubilee Park.

Follow the directions of the traffic control personnel and cross Bridge Street and enter Redwood Park.


Redwood Park Trail Section – approx. 6km

Turn right off Bridge Street at the entry to Redwood Park and head south down a steep descent for 150m. At the bottom, turn right and head southwest along Redwood Bridle Trail.

Ignore the trail that branches off on the right at approximately the 800 metre point of the Redwood Bridal Trail.

Continue along Redwood Bridle Trail for a further 400 meters and take the Eagle Nest Trail on your left. Do not follow the Redwood Bridal Trail that deviates slightly off to the right.

Continue along Eagle Nest Trail for approximately 900 meters ignoring any trails going off on the left until meeting with the junction of Grass Tree Trail on the right. Continue straight on for approximately 90 meters and turn left to continue East on Grass Tree Trail for approximately 600 meters to arrive at the Picnic Ground and Checkpoint 3. Note that emergency vehicles can access Redwood from the Range. 

Leaving the picnic area cross Gatton Creek and head north up Redwood Forest Walk.

Ignore Ferntree Gully Walk Trail that branches off to the left and continue right up Redwood Forest.

You will turn right into Grass Tree Trail. Continue following the trail until you come to the track that ascends steeply for 150 meters back up to the entrance of Redwood Park at Bridge Street.

For 15km participants turn right and return to the start area and for 30km participants turn left and repeat the course for a second lap.